2: Note-Taking Tools - Poster Set

Learning Headquarters


Source Cards: How do we help students take effective notes as they read? How can we make collecting text evidence easy? These note-taking tools support students with connecting research to the planning, prewriting, and drafting stages of the writing process. Students are able to answer guiding questions with references to the sources and pinpoint exactly where these details fit in their writing. Make gathering text-based details a snap!

  • Second_Source Cards (B&W, 22" x 17")

    Text Evidence: How do we help students identify the big umbrella idea of a text? Then, how do they learn to prove and explain it? This Text Evidence Chart provides a process for students to draw evidence from a text to support their thinking. Students learn to prove their thinking with the "What?," "Where?," and "How?" and further explain their thoughts by finding evidence "In the Text" and "Between the Lines." Help your students make text-dependent connections immediately!

    • Text Evidence Chart (Color, 17" x 22")

    Thinking Codes: How do we teach students to read actively and code their thinking? How can these codes build connections for discussions, responses, and compositions? This essential Thinking Codes Chart provides a systematic method to code all reading for easy future access. How do we deconstruct a text? How do we identify authors' tools throughout a selection? How do we pinpoint literary and informational text elements? This chart helps you do it all!

    • Thinking Codes Chart (Color, 17" x 22")