K: Writing Text Type Prewrite Organizer (Set of 5) - Poster Set

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Would multiple posters of the prewrite organizer aid your weekly instruction? This set of five posters allows for various writing topics across content areas simultaneously. Add teacher writing models to your print-rich environment immediately!

Prewrite: This focused tool clearly and logically demonstrates the prewrite step of the writing process. The prewrite organizer pinpoints a controlling idea and prompts the writer to keep a laser-like focus while generating supportive details. This multi-faceted strategy can be used with writers of any level; from emergent to developing, in order to make thinking visible. Beginning writers start with graphic representation and letter strings, whereas others build a picture with words and phrases. The prewrite organizer is utilized to effectively communicate across text types and content areas.

  • K_Prewrite Organizer (B&W Laminated, 22" x 17")