K: Authors' Tools and Note-Taking Tools - Poster Set

Learning Headquarters


Source Cards: How do we help students take effective notes as they read? How can we make collecting text evidence easy? These note-taking tools support students with connecting research to the planning, prewriting, and drafting stages of the writing process. Students are able to answer guiding questions with references to the sources and pinpoint exactly where these details fit in their writing. Make gathering text-based details a snap!

  • K_Source Cards (B&W, 17" x 22")

Themes/Central Ideas: How do we recognize morals and lessons in and across texts? What tools do we provide students so that they can independently determine the theme or central idea of a reading selection? This big idea-building tool provides universal theme and central ideas across different types of books. With teacher demonstration and practice, students are able to notice and name key links as well as compare themes and central ideas across familiar texts. Use this as a starter to get the conversation rolling!

  • Primary Themes/Central Ideas (Color, 17" x 11")