K-6 Writing Inservice for Principals & Leaders

Learning Headquarters


Calling ALL principals and instructional leaders! Join us for a strategy-packed day of school-wide writing strategies and tools. 

This dynamic, six-hour inservice is designed to build background knowledge and enhance instructional leadership for successful implementation of a comprehensive K-6 writing system. You will learn to:

  • Focus your site on a common vision to increase writing expectations and improve writing instruction
  • Promote a common language centered around research-based tools, techniques, and strategies
  • Visualize Common Core writing within the big picture of an effective schoolwide system
  • Dialogue with leaders from multiple sites/districts to gauge implementation ‘roll-out’ plans
  • Implement a writing framework to ensure a cohesive system which differentiates instruction, meeting all students’ needs
  • Set the stage for outstanding, daily writing for both extended and shorter time frames in all classes
  • Promote text-dependent writing instruction across content areas
  • Analyze Common Core standards across grade levels to clarify and shape each grade’s ownership of argument (opinion), informative/explanatory, and narrative text types
  • Utilize a planning model for teachers to integrate writing into their existing curriculum
  • Raise expectations for writing rigor to establish standards-based, grade-level-appropriate writing goals
  • Recognize the scope and sequence for teacher demonstrations to help students reach and exceed rigorous writing expectations
  • Raise awareness of grade-level writing text types through an effective sequence for instruction
  • Ensure integration of conventions, language, and vocabulary into daily authentic writing
  • Examine how powerful sentences can add completeness, variety, and complexity to student compositions
  • Utilize a monitoring system to assess grade-level text types, track progress, and solidify that student data drives instruction
  • Design a plan to catapult writing at your site

You will leave with a comprehensive handbook, tools, and strategies to use immediately!