5: Sentence Tools - Poster Set

Learning Headquarters


Powerful Sentences Chart: This colorful, sentence-building tool demonstrates transforming a simple sentence into a powerful sentence. This adaptable strategy can be used to focus writers on generating synonyms to create powerful verbs, add description, and extending sentences by answering where, when, why, and how questions. The Powerful Sentence Chart is utilized to create well-developed sentences in a variety of text types, across content areas.

  • Powerful Sentences Chart (Color Laminated, 22" x 17")
  • Powerful Sentences Cards (Color Laminated)

Sentence Blueprints Cards: This hands-on card set is used to actively engage all learners in formulating and manipulating powerful sentences in both oral and written expression. Once students understand basic sentence structures, they learn to  ‘travel’ sentences, by varying word order which provides new and various sentence patterns.

  • Sentence Blueprints Cards (Color Laminated, 11" x 8.5")