5: Common Core Writing Inservice Kit (2014 release)

Learning Headquarters


Note: This Inservice Kit was designed to complement our 2-day Writing Inservices and includes our 2014-2017 materials versions. It does not contain our 2018 material updates and new releases.

This Fifth Grade Common Core Writing Inservice Kit, designed as a complement to our inservices, is packed with powerful research-based strategies to teach those difficult-to-conquer grade-level, Common Core writing text types: opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative and enhance writing instruction. Our standards-based system, which demonstrates, guides, and supports students to write independently, provides a structure for an effective daily writing frame, pre-planned practices for all grade-level-specific text types, assessment tools, and year-long, flexible teaching guides. Important techniques that help students access high-level vocabulary and write powerful sentences and rigorous compositions are included. The blackline masters are comprised of all instructional prewriting, drafting, and publishing organizers, as well as practice and assessment task templates designed as tools to scaffold learning so all students can write at- or above-standard. This kit also contains an easy-to-use set of grade-level Common Core standards with a planning template to incorporate writing into your existing curriculum. The writing inservice kit is an essential tool for every fifth grade teacher!

- Fifth Grade Common Core Writing Inservice Handout (543 Pages)
- Fifth Grade Common Core Writing Blackline Masters (133 Pages)