3: Teacher Demonstration Facilitation Tools: Writing - Downloadable PDFs

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Teacher Demonstration Facilitation Vignette: How do we model writing for our students? How do we know what effective Teacher Demonstration looks, sounds, and feels like? This schema-building tool creates a picture of how to deliver an effective Teacher Demonstration in story format. Following the flow of the vignette offers a structure for setting the tone, pre-planning, pacing, delivery, and engagement. Make Teacher Demonstration a top priority and bring this vignette to life with your writers!

  • Teacher Demonstration Facilitation Vignette (B&W, 8.5" x 11")

Teacher Demonstration Self-Assessment: How do we see ourselves as writing teachers? How can we prioritize our teacher strengths and next steps in Teacher Demonstration? This self-assessment offers an opportunity for teachers to take personal inventory of strengths and areas of improvement in providing teacher demonstrations. The proficiency descriptors break down areas of demonstration by defining the expectations for design, preparations, delivery technique, and student engagement. The rating system breaks down each detail as well as provides reflection opportunities for each category. Build upon your strengths and polish your goals today!

  • Teacher Demonstration Self-Assessment (B&W, 8.5" x 11")

Teacher Demonstration Facilitation Actions: What are Teacher Demonstration key concepts? How can we describe our facilitation roles during Teacher Demo in a nut shell? This action-packed chart highlights the key concepts of Teacher Demonstration. From pre-planning to content, and pacing to engagement, educators can follow these action guidelines to power up the 10- to 15-minute Teacher Demonstration. Bring writing to life for your students!

  • Teacher Demonstration Facilitation Actions Chart (Color, 8.5" x 11")