3: Authors' Tools - Downloadable PDFs

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Authors' Tools: What strategies do authors use? How do we help students build their own authors' tool box? This Authors' Tools Chart illustrates the strategies and techniques writers use to convey their purpose clearly to the audience. As readers, students learn to notice and name the tools, while as writers they weave the strategies into their compositions. Students learn to identify and infuse Key Ideas and Details (Main Topic; Theme/Central Idea; and Individuals, Events, and Ideas); Craft and Structure (Word Choice; Text Features & Structures; and Point of View); and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (Content Presentation, Support, and Multiple Sources). Build those tool boxes and bring reading and writing to life!

  • Authors' Tools Chart (Color, 8.5" x 11")

Text Structures: How do we make identifying text structures easy for our students? How can we support our writers to use these structures to best convey their purpose? This Text Structures Chart provides visual categories to detail how authors organize their texts to best convey the intended purpose. These nine recognizable structures (Definition, Description, Procedural-Sequential, Synthesis, Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, Problem-Solution, and Cause-Effect) are the key organizers of the many texts students read and write. Use this as a powerful anchor connecting all facets of literacy!

  • Text Structures Chart (Color, 8.5" x 11")

Themes/Central Ideas: How do we recognize morals and lessons in and across texts? What tools do we provide students so that they can independently determine the theme or central idea of a reading selection? This big idea-building tool provides universal theme and central ideas across different types of books. With teacher demonstration and practice, students are able to notice and name key links as well as compare themes and central ideas across familiar texts. Use this as a starter to get the conversation rolling!

  • Themes/Central Ideas (Color, 11" x 8.5")