2: Sounds & Letters Alphabet Chart - Downloadable PDFs

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Sounds & Letters Alphabet: Do you have a colorful, student-friendly, comprehensive system for sounds and letters? This engaging Sounds and Letters Alphabet Chart provides verbal and visual cues for students to learn to navigate and master one-on-one sound-spelling correspondences in the whole class setting,in small groupings, and directly at their independent work space. Use these tools to support explicit instruction, guided practice, and independent reading and writing. This invaluable set equips students with foundational skills for phonemes, phonics, and word recognition in order to demonstrate increasing awareness and competence. Bring sounds and letters to life in your classroom!

  • Sounds & Letters Alphabet Chart (Color, 11" x 8.5")

Sounds & Letters Alphabet Action Guide: How can we bring the sounds and letters to life? Do you need a tool at your fingertips to keep sound and spelling kinesthetic cues consistent? This teacher-friendly reference provides movement descriptions to model, practice, and act out with students. This is a Teacher Demonstration must-have!

  • Sounds & Letters Alphabet Action Guide (Color, 11" x 8.5")