Carolyn Hood, Lead Master Trainer and Curriculum Development Consultant

Carolyn M. Hood, M.A., NBCT, is an experienced, teacher leader, instructional coach, and curriculum developer. Carolyn, an educator since 1997, depends on her extensive classroom experience. Over the years, she has had the pleasure of working with and learning from socio-economically disadvantaged and advantaged students, rural and inner-city learners, writers with special needs to be supported and challenged, learners who have access to technology or not, and students with diverse, multilingual backgrounds, as well as, students who are immersed in learning two or more languages. Mrs. Hood utilizes an integrated approach to carve out meaningful learning opportunities, deliver engaging and relevant instruction, build upon personalized student goals and progress,  and enhance in-depth understanding with flair.

Carolyn teaches third grade English in the Mandarin Immersion Program at Riverview International Academy in Lakeside Union School District. In the 50-50, one-way language model, she and her Mandarin-speaking partner share two classes of students every day.  Communication across the content areas, both oral and written, is at the heart of every learning moment. She is constantly amazed to witness what these global leaders of tomorrow can accomplish TODAY.

Carolyn, passionate about lifelong learning, pursues professional growth through many avenues. In addition to a CA Clear Multiple Subject California Teaching Credential, Carolyn earned and renewed Middle Childhood/Generalist National Board Certification (NBCT), holds a Master’s Degree in Education: Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, and is a Fellow of the San Diego Area Writing Project (SDAWP). She has been trained in Accelerated Literacy (AL), Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD), Lucy Calkins' Units of Study: Implementing Rigorous, Coherent Writing Curriculum, Robert Marzano’s What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Action, Marilyn Tabor’s Coaching for Excellence: Leading Literacy Dialogues, and standards-based instruction at Douglas Reeves’ Center for Performance Assessment to name a few. Carolyn is also featured in the video, Successful Classrooms: Effective Teaching Strategies for Raising Achievement in Reading and Writing.

As Lead Master Trainer and VP of Curriculum Development for Learning Headquarters, Carolyn is an essential part of the leadership team and strives to provide tools and coaching to help teachers and students create meaningful learning connections across content areas. Carolyn thrives on being a part of the LHQ synergy by collaborating to create new and/or improved classroom tools, demonstrating day-to-day instructional lessons through follow-up coaching, and powering up and tailoring grade-level-specific training, as well as, support and equip fellow trainers and district Writing Lead Teachers with the tools needed to deliver powerful support to others in their sphere of influence. Carolyn has the distinct honor and on-going pleasure of working with K-8 educators and students in thousands of classrooms at schools and districts in California and across the nation. In every group she meets and every class she enters, her goal is to make an empowering, lasting impact on young thinkers.