About Us

Learning Headquarters is an educator-created learning community dedicated to ‘Learning and Thinking through Reading and Writing.’ We began as a dream to get effective, research-based strategies into the hands of educators everywhere to increase achievement for all students. Over the years, we’ve utilized best teaching practices that stand up to the test of time, all the while, ratcheting up rigor, integrating content, and emphasizing the thinking curriculum to realign with new sets of standards. Our goal is to support instruction of any teacher or any student, anytime, anywhere!

Learning Headquarters teams with individual educators, grade level and school teams, and districts and networks of schools. We offer a comprehensive learning system complete with dynamic trainings, in-class demonstrations, and research-based materials, designed to support educators to help ALL students, including special education and English learners, to successfully read, think, respond, and write at or above standard. We utilize the tenets of 21st Century Learning and teach by taking complex ideas and breaking them down to engaging, digestible learning. These techniques meet grade-level-specific expectations and build across grade levels, creating a common vision and language for successful learning in all classrooms. 


Linda Fisher: President and Principal-in-Residence

Heidi Harmes: Managing Partner and VP Instructional Design


Carolyn Hood: Lead Master Trainer and Curriculum Development Consultant


Master Trainers

Learning Headquarters works with you and your staff to partner you with highly-qualified trainers who tailor our inservices to meet the needs of your site.